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  • Introduction

    AVIAGE SYSTEMS provides the first end-to-end, localized Onboard Maintenance and Health Management System (OMHMS), which has functions such as intelligent fault detection and isolation, parameter collection and analysis, and software loading service. It collects data from member systems, performs information synthesis, analysis, and processing, and supports operation and maintenance personnel to perform efficient health monitoring and maintenance management through different terminals, thereby helping airlines reduce operation and maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency.

    Customer Value

    • Central Maintenance
    • Aircraft Condition Monitoring
    • Asset Management
    • Common Function Support and Integration Assist
    Modular, Cross-Platform software solutions
    Next-generation maintenance interface design that supports touch control
    Highly Scalable Third-party Data Analysis Application and Ecological Tools Support
    Smarter Electronic Document Interactions
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    About Us

    AVIAGE SYSTEMS is a 50/50 joint venture between General Electric Company (GE) and Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) .

    Building on a historic partnership between two world-leading aerospace companies, AVIAGE SYSTEMS aims to elevate the future of flight by unleashing our world-class talent, cutting-edge innovation and powerful partnerships.